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Braun Silk-épil 9 Bonus Edition


I’m so excited to partner with Braun to share their Silk-épil 9 with you guys! Hair removal has been a hot topic lately when chatting with my girl friends, we’re always sharing tricks and tips as well as our gripes and frustrations.  I recently noticed my underarm area was getting darker (you know those dark crease lines that can appear on armpits over time?) and I’ve heard it’s a result of the friction from shaving so I’ve been searching for an alternative. I’ve considered getting laser hair removal but since I recently acquired an addiction to self tanner, that was no longer an option ( 😉 I love my tanned legs too much!) so I continued shaving my legs and tweezing my underarms instead. Although it’s affective, it’s also time consuming and incredibly uncomfortable as I twist and contort my body to try to see and reach every little hair! When Braun reached out to me to try the Braun Silk-épil 9 Bonus Edition, I was definitely hesitant. I’d watched some pretty intimidating videos that made it seem quite painful – and understandably so… After all, this device is essentially a ton of tiny little tweezers, plucking a bunch of your hairs out all at once. I’d also heard some great success stories, though, which really intrigued me!  I decided that if I was ever going to give epilation a go, I should certainly try it with the best in class, Braun, right? They just so happen to be the world’s #1 best-selling epilator brand! Read more about their epilator technology & useful tips on Braun’s website here!

Now the pain factor is very subjective. Some people don’t even flinch, while others cry on contact. I personally found that it really depends on the area you’re epilating and the thickness of those hairs. For reference, I find waxing and tweezing to be tolerable; it’s slightly painful but I can deal with it. Threading is the bane of my existence, I tried getting threaded regularly for a few months to see if my tolerance would increase – it does not and I was a sobbing mess after every treatment. I also found that my skin was too sensitive, and apparently super soft because I almost always got cut or skinned when getting waxed or threaded, despite going to reputable salons. No bueno! Not to mention the frustration of having to schedule appointments and set time aside, alone is a deterrence. The Silk-épil 9 Epilator removes 4x shorter hair than wax so you can achieve long-lasting smooth skin for up to 4 weeks, in the comfort of your own home! Being able to do it in my pajamas without any fear of judgement if I did wince or cry, felt fantastic and really helped calm my nerves.

Since I had been tweezing my underarms the past few months, using the Braun Silk-épil 9 on my armpit area was completely painless. I should mention that the very first time I manually tweezed my underarms (after years of shaving), it was painful since the hairs had grown in so thick there, so perhaps epilating there first if you’ve only ever shaved, could cause some discomfort the first run. On my shins and calves, it felt like gliding my shaving razor up my legs – no pain whatsoever. I could slightly feel the plucking sensation over my knees where my hairs are thicker, but holy moly, did it tingle on my upper thigh area, even though my hairs are finer there! See, it really depends on the area and thickness of the hairs. It wasn’t fun on my upper thighs but since you can use it wet or dry, epilating that area in the bath helped sooth my skin making it much more comfortable. I know it will be more tolerable over time, too.

I’ve got to say, I absolutely love my Braun Silk-épil 9! Using the epilator became oddly satisfying and quite addicting 😀 I spent the weekend finding other areas to epilate, like my arms, even though you can’t even see any of my hair there, as well as all of my knuckles! I’m actually looking forward to my hair growing out so I can do it all over again! I’m not quite ready to venture to my bikini line, yet, but that will be next on my hit list 😉


The kit comes with both the epilator appliance and face cleansing brush.


This Bonus Edition comes with 7 accessories: facial cap, skin contact cap, facial cleansing brush, shaver cap, trimmer head (all shown), and the charging stand & pouch (not shown).


There are 2 speed settings: #1 for a gentle epilation and #2 for a quick and efficient epilation.


There is also a Smartlight to help guide your epilation!


This purple High Frequency Massage Cap makes it more comfortable to use; the tiny massage rollers help get your hairs to stand up while soothing your skin, so that’s a great option to try if you have any discomfort! To change it, the cap attachments remove easily with a firm tug at the sides, pulling away from the device.


I personally liked using the Skin Contact Cap because it’s closer and more effective, especially at getting around the hard to reach areas and grasping all the fine hairs!


I absolutely love how smooth my legs felt afterwards!


There is also a useful shaver attachment with a guard to trim your hairs down if they’re too long for the epilator.


Tip: Hold your Braun Silk-épil 9 at a 90 degree angle and slowly gliding up against the direction of your hair growth, applying even pressure. Pulling your skin a bit, making the area you’re epilating taut can also helps reduce any pain and make it feel a bit more comfortable.

Photos by Chris Dyer.

Have you tried the Braun Silk-épil 9 EpilatorLearn all about beautiful skin on Braun’s website!

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