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So excited to share some of the photos from the Spring photoshoot I was a part of for Diana Madison Beauty, with my friends Elizabeth, Diana, and Sydne! I mentioned this Glowtopia Face Oil in my Vegan Skincare Routine post, and have really been especially enjoying it while we’re in. Like most people, I’ve been washing my hands even more often than I already was, and using stronger soaps and cleaning products which has been irritating my skin and occasionally causing my eczema to flare up. I have a variety of creams I use to combat breakouts, but lately when I need even more long lasting hydration, I’ll apply this beauty oil as well and it really helps lock in moisture!

How fun is this blue graphic eyeliner look Jay Artistry did? He applied Glowtopia under my foundation and I love the natural glow it gives. We also had our hair styled by Benjamin Nelson from Ken Paves Salon and since my makeup was already a statement look, we went with sleek straight hair.

Photos by Steve Erle.

I’m currently on Quarantine Day 14, while Chris is on Day 16 since he started earlier than I did. Are people staying in where you are? What day are you on?

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