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Must-Haves: SMASHBOX

Smashbox Must Haves Favorites

Smashbox Cosmetics was established 20 years ago by the masterminds behind famed Smashbox Studios in LA. The founders, Dean & Davis Factor, who happen to be the grandsons of the legendary Max Factor, created the brand based on their experience with the needs and demands on set, bringing the tough photo studio makeup qualities to the real world. I’ve been a personal fan of the brand for over a decade, their Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen was my tried and true go-to for years so I wanted to share some of my favorites from their newest releases! Follow along below for my Smashbox must-haves:

Smashbox Primers

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer, Photo Finish Primer Water, Photo Finish Light Primer & Photo Finish Primer Oil
I’m all about hydrating products and smoothing primers and Smashbox does not disappoint when it comes to their wide variety of primer products! With my dehydrated, oily skin, I’ve been addicted to their Hydrating Photo Finish Primer and I’m loving how moisturizing it is making foundation blend in like a dream! Their newest release is the Photo Finish Primer Oil which boasts a breakthrough formula that is lightweight and softens your complexion making foundation appear more like skin with a dewy radiance. Find your perfect primer here!


Smashbox Color Correcting Stick

Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks
Every time I look in the mirror, I swear my dark circles get a bit darker so I almost always color correct underneath my eyes. I had been using cream blushes and lipsticks to get the right shade but luckily for me, color correcting is the hot new craze now! It’s so exciting to see my favorite beauty brands releasing their own versions of it and I’m having a blast trying them all. I recently received these Smashbox Color Correcting Sticks and I was a bit hesitant at first because “stick” formulas in the makeup world always seem to mean dry. Well, I quite literally stand corrected 😉 pun intended. I’m obsessed with how creamy these color correcting sticks are! I’ve found the perfect combination for my skin tone, using just a light swipe of both the Look Less Tired shades in Light and Dark. I blend it out with a BeautyBlender or gently with my finger and layer my favorite concealer over for that flawless, optical illusion of well rested bright eyes. I also love lightly applying the Get Less Red Green to correct the redness around my nose. Just make sure to buff and blend out any harsh lines!


Smashbox Lipstick and Instamatte

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer & Be Legendary Cream Lipsticks
Depending on where you’re going and the look you’re going for, deciding between a silky satin, glossy finish or matte lipstick can be quite the conundrum. Because of this, our lipstick collections can get pretty out of hand and it doesn’t help that lipsticks usually expire within 1-2 years which results in quite the high turnover. After trying Smashbox’s new Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, I can finally see myself cleaning out that daunting drawer of lippies! This awesome new product instantly mattifies any cream lipstick just by dabbing a bit of it with your finger!


Smashbox Browtech

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder
In my last makeup tutorial video, I shared my latest technique for shaping my brows which highlighted Smashbox’s new Brow Tech Shaping Powder. At first, I was a little put off by the packaging as it can get a bit messy if you aren’t careful and the wand seemed awkward to handle but after I tried it a few times, I’ve become addicted to how quickly and easily it fills in my brows! The formula itself reminds me of colored dry shampoo but for your brows – it really helps thicken and add volume to your existing (or non-existent) brow hairs, creating a natural matte looking full brow! I still do outline with a pencil to get a sharp edge but I’m in LOVE with how nice this product makes my brows look!


What are your favorite Smashbox products?

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  • Reply GoFashiondeals (@Gofashiondeals)

    I love their primer and foundation!!

    April 12, 2016 at 7:07 pm
  • Reply Iris

    I really like their undereye BB cream. I didn’t know they were founded by Max Factor’s grandsons!

    April 12, 2016 at 7:59 pm
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