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Palm Springs Pool Party: 5 Beauty Tips with ZYRTEC®

Special thanks to ZYRTEC® for partnering with me this allergy season, and my girlfriends KellySherylSydne for celebrating my birthday with me!

What better way to kick off my birthday week, than with a Palm Springs pool party! Born in Spring, I am no stranger to allergies and actually take ZYRTEC® daily to manage my watery eyes, sneezing, itchy, and runny nose symptoms, so I’m thrilled to partner with them to share my 5 tips for combating ALLERGY FACE®beauty challenges! ZYRTEC® is my go-to for allergy relief and it starts working hard at hour one, working twice as hard when you take it again the next day, and the relief stays consistently strong day after day.

ZYRTEC® gives me 24-hour allergy relief making me feel better, now I’m sharing my tips to look better, too! ZYRTEC®coined the term ALLERGY FACE®to describe the beauty challenges associated with allergies, like watery eyes, red nose and puffiness. Here are some of my beauty tricks to help fend off ALLERGY FACE®this spring:

  1. Cool Down: If I didn’t have any makeup on, the first thing you’ll notice is probably my puffiness. So, before I even start my makeup, I love cooling down my face with an icy cold wash cloth. Sometimes I’ll run a wash cloth under the faucet, ring it out and pop it into the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes. Then, I just gently press it onto my face, especially around the eye area, holding it for a few extra seconds around problem spots. It’s so refreshing, and really helps calm down my puffy under-eye area!
  2. Hydrate: The first thing I do in the mornings is chug a tall glass of water! Runny nose, watery eyes, that’s water literally being stripped from my body. I always try to stay hydrated, and I also use hydrating skincare products like hyaluronic acid serums and gel moisturizers to get moisture back into my face. It also helps so much when my skin gets dry and itchy because of allergies.
  3. False Lashes: I usually opt for waterproof eyeliners and mascaras and look for formulas that are popular with contact wearers, because they are less likely to flake off into your eyes. I also love wearing false lashes to draw attention and brighten up the eye area. Sometimes I’ll even skip eye makeup all together and just pop on falsies because they are amazing at opening up your eyes!
  4. Contour: The eyes aren’t the only area to look puffy, but sometimes the entire face! I always feel like my cheeks and nose look puffy and red. I love tricking the eye by using contouring techniques to slim my face down. I’ll apply a cool-toned bronzer around the outer perimeter, emphasizing my cheek bones. I also contour the sides of my nose to for a narrower appearance!
  5. Moisturize the Lips: Matte lipsticks are all the rage right now, but allergy season is not the time to wear them. Instead, reach for a moisturizing lip gloss to add color and keep your pout hydrated! I prefer shimmery cool shades because they are attractive and draw attention away from any redness on the face.

An Dyer

Photos by Chris Dyer, at Kelly Golightly‘s beautiful Palm Springs Villa!

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