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SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E & Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

The other week, SkinCeuticals invited me to partner with them and attend their brunch with Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care at Crustacean Beverly Hills! We got to experience their Custom D.O.S.E service and learned all about their new Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight product.

We started off the day with a visit to Cassileth Plastic Surgery, the only SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa in Los Angeles! It’s located in the heart of Beverly Hills on North Bedford Drive, right next to the restaurant we would be dining at later.

That’s where I met Dr. Catherine Chang, a Harvard trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation and facial aesthetics. She shared how SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E combines their high-potency ingredients with her professional expertise, to create a corrective serum formulated just for me!

She also showed me this awesome patented SkinCeuticals diagnostic tool that measures, dispenses and emulsifies the product in each bottle! During my consultation, Dr. Cat Chang asked me a series of questions about my skin, which she entered into the tablet programmed for this machine, which then calculates and measures the exact combination of ingredients for my Custom D.O.S.E serum!

You can see this SkinCeuticals diagnostic tool in action on my Instagram Story Highlight! It was so fascinating to watch it all come together. The entire process to develop, measure, and dispense the product into my personal bottle barely took 10 minutes. This was by far the easiest, most personalized treatment plan I’ve ever experienced!

Since my Custom D.O.S.E contains no preservatives it will last 3 months, so I will need to make sure to use it all before the expiration date that is clearly printed on the label. Timing works out perfectly because the formula can be adjusted every 3 months! The next formulation will be based on your skin’s progress, taking into account any seasonal changes and planned aesthetic procedures, if you have any.

After my SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E diagnostic, we all got together next door at Crustacean Beverly Hills for an educational (and delicious) brunch!

We were introduced to Dr. Kelly Killeen, a double board certified plastic surgeon, there where she presented an in-depth look at SkinCeuticals newest Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight! This product contains a free acid value of 10% glycolic acid.

I didn’t understand the significance of that number until I learned that many other competitors’ at-home treatments will advertise a high glycolic percentage without calculating the pH of the formula into that number. Often times, this results in a much lower level; for example, another brand may claim 10% glycolic concentration, but with a formula pH of 4.1, that product really only has a free acid value of 3.4%. That’s much lower than the 10% you may have believed you were using!

SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight is formulated with a measured concentration of 14.6%, which after taking into account the pH of 3.5, equates to a true 10% free acid value. This allows the product to work at the proven optimal level, in exfoliating and promoting natural cell turnover.

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight is tolerable for nightly use, but since my skin can be sensitive I started using it every other night during the first week, gradually increasing to every night. After these past 2 weeks of using both my Custom D.O.S.E and Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight, I’ve noticed improved texture, especially around my nose which was my problem area, and my complexion also appears brighter in the mornings. I’m loving how revived my skin feels!

Photos by Noteworthy Collective.

Special thanks to SkinCeuticals for partnering with me on this post, and introducing me to these amazing products!

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