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Top 5 Mud Masks Post

Happy Top 5… Thursday? A little later than usual this week 😉 but today we’re talking about some of the best clay masks! There’s certainly quite a few options on the market however these are ones with varying purposes, intensities and different price ranges, that I absolutely love! Clay masks are great for all skin types but especially for those on the oily-side and/or acne-prone, as clay does an amazing job at absorbing oil & impurities. Follow along below to read why each of these are in my skincare arsenal.

Pixi By Petra Glow Mud Mask – This mineral-rich mask is formulated with kaolin and sea salt to purify, as well as aloe vera and ginseng to balance. You leave it on for 15 minutes to let the mask set & dry. This is one of those clay masks that you can visually see the impurities being drawn out of your skin while the mask dries on your face, so be ready for some kinda gross, but SUPER satisfying 😛 oily spots to appear as the mask sets! I love how refreshed and clean my face feels after using it. Oh and Pixi is 100% cruelty-free, yay!

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask – A multitasking treatment, this mask can be used as a purifying mask, spot treatment or as a daily deep cleanser. It’s formulated with Fresh’s proprietary ingredient, Umbrian clay, which has been around for centuries and was even used in ancient Italy! I’ve actually been using their Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner daily, the past couple weeks, and love combining the two together for a DIY at-home spa treatment. By the way, it’s formulated without Parabens or Phthalates!

TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask – TULA is actually a newer brand to me that was created by Dr. Roshini Raj who’s a board certified gastroenterologist and internist with a medical degree from NYU among many other accolades! Using her extensive knowledge, she applied probiotic technology to create a skincare line that balances your skin similar to how probiotics balance your insides. I’ve been loving all the products I’ve tried from the line so far, especially this Exfoliating Treatment Mask! It’s formulated with lactic acid and Bentonite clay to gently peel away impurities as well as plant-based, biodegradable beads that release hydrating nutrients. It leaves your skin feeling clean, balanced and firm! TULA is also 100% cruelty-free 🙂 and formulated without phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, or gluten.

Lumene Glow Reveal 60 Second Facial – This is a facial treatment that contains Arctic Cloudberry and Sea Buckthorn oils as well as kaolin clay and is a great option when you don’t have a lot of time! It just melts onto your skin when you apply it and you only need to leave it on for 1 minute to effectively detoxify skin and remove impurities. What I also love is that it gently exfoliates and has a lovely, soothing Rosemary scent that’s very calming and definitely gives your skin that spa-quality facial feel! It’s formulated without parabens and formaldehyde donors and Lumene is 100% cruelty free!

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks – L’Oreal released 3 different versions of their Pure-Clay Masks; Purify & Mattify, Detox & Brighten, and Exfoliate & Refine Pores. I’ve used them on different days and even all together, in different sections of my face, but my favorite is the green Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask! It contains Eucalyptus which gives you that bright, refreshing, minty feel. After applying it for 10 minutes as instructed, the mask will set & dry. It does a great job at unclogging pores and making your skin look less shiny/oily. When I massage and rinse it off, my skin feels soft and supple, not dry at all, which I absolutely love! It also is not formulated with any formaldehyde.

Do you enjoy using clay masks, too? What are your favorites?

An Dyer

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