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Happy TUESDAY! You know what that means 😀 well, aside from the obvious title lol! Today I’m sharing my top 5 dry shampoos. I consider myself a pro at this since I was an early adopter – my hair is the type that, despite being washed in the morning, will be oily by the same evening. I use dry shampoos daily (& yes it’s important to use a strong clarifying shampoo to cleanse your scalp of any dry shampoo buildup over time!) I’ve tried all the most popular dry shampoos as well as many unknown brands and have found a few different types that I regularly keep on my beauty counter.

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo – This dry shampoo was such a trip when I first tried it! The non-aerosol packaging still manages to “spray” out the product which makes it a great option for traveling and for those who prefer to avoid aerosol products. You give the bottle a good shake, turn the cap to expose the nozzle and squeeze – just like that, a light mist of product comes out! I do find that it struggles with my oily roots but it does an amazing job and refreshing the length of my hair – reducing the clumpy oily mess my strands turn into. The scent is also very soothing and calming, almost spa like, containing 25 pure flower and plant essences!

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender – I’ve mentioned Redken’s dry shampoo a couple times before and still love it just as much. It sprays on clear, with no white residue and does an amazing job at reviving my oily roots while leaving a nice, matte finish. The product seems to be easily build-able as I’ve layered it on when needed and it does not clump up or leave my hair feeling sticky at all. It also smells amazing, without being overpowering – I love the clean, fresh scent!

Not Your Mother’s Unscented Clean Freak Dry Shampoo – I first tried this product when StyleWatch sent it to me during the holidays and quickly fell in love with it! I like to pair it with their Déjà Vu Do Style Extender (which does a crazy good job by the way)! The two products combined can keep my oily mane under control for up to 4 days after washing! It’s also unscented which is rare in the dry shampoo world, so it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like fragranced hair products or when you’re wearing a nice perfume and don’t want any distractions.

Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo For Brunettes I was pretty shocked to see the not so great reviews when I was looking for the product link but after reading through them, I can sort of understand. This is a brunette dry shampoo that uses a tinted powder (as opposed to a white powder). I personally love that it sprays a colored powder and use it for anytime my hair is already styled; curled, up in a ponytail or updos and I don’t want to have to brush it out and mess up all the work I’ve done styling it! You do have to be careful as it could get on anything you’re spraying it in the direction of (walls, closets, clothing etc) and after a while, buildup at the nozzle can cause it to drip onto your hands or face (I’ve definitely ruined my makeup by accident). Always take care to shield your face and watch what direction you spray it in. Otherwise, the product itself gets the job done without any obvious white residues or a need to brush through it (though you can, you just don’t have to)!

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder This little guy is amazingly powerful. Not only does it instantly control any signs of oiliness, but it adds a crazy amount of volume to your hair. I love that the powder itself feels cooling when applied and the brush does a great job and distributing the product where you want it. My only gripe is that the product is a loose powder that’s completely exposed when you open it which can get a little messy – it would be perfect for traveling if there was some kind of sifter. CORRECTION: You don’t have to open it to expose the powder, the brush dispenses it on its own! Otherwise, this is another great option for anyone wanting to avoid aerosol products that’s super effective!

What are your favorite dry shampoos?

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