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What’s in my #ALLERGYFACE Beauty Bag

We’re spending the day at the Santa Monica Pier and since allergy season is in full effect, I’m thrilled to partner with ZYRTEC® show you what’s in my beauty bag! These items help me manage my ALLERGY FACE® symptoms, you know the ones; itchy watery eyes, red nose, and puffiness.While we’re having fun in the sun, ZYRTEC® helps feel better and these items that I keep with me in my bag, help me look better, too:

  • Face Mist: When I’m outdoors, I like to bring a cool thermal water face mist along. I make sure to pick a mist that has only natural spring water in it. Misting my face throughout the day while we’re out is so cooling, which can help reduce puffiness caused by allergies!
  • Color Correcting Foundation: Color correcting is one of my favorite ways to reduce redness, so I also make sure to bring a color correcting powder with me for touch ups! This powder is tinted green to help cancel out the redness around my nose.
  • Refreshing Eye Drops: If I’m at the beach, with the wind blowing, my eyes tend to get irritated. I keep minty eye drops in my bag to calm and refresh my eyes.
  • Bold Lip Gloss: Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg recommends a bold, glossy lip to distract from watery eyes. I keep a pretty pink lip gloss with me and not only does it help with distraction from watery eyes, but it keeps my dry lips moisturized, too!
  • Zyrtec: Of course, I have ZYRTEC® with me for the powerful allergy relief I need day after day to get out and make the most of spring! ZYRTEC® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day! Use as directed.

What’s in your #ALLERGYFACE® beauty bag?

An Dyer

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