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Today in beauty technology, we’re getting extra innovative with light therapy treatments, beauty globes and eyelash staplers – wait, what? 😉 Follow along below and read all about it!

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 11.27.19 AM
Neutrogena | $39.99

Neutrogena’s new Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask brings the dermatologist in-office acne technology to the comfort of your own home. This face mask is supposed to clear acne and allow skin to heal itself with light therapy. I’ve had a chance to enjoy a few light therapy facials before so I was so excited to spot this at CVS and a similar treatment at home! Using both blue and red lights to targets acne-causing bacteria and reduce acne inflammation, this mask can make getting your acne under control easier! By the way, it’s also chemical free and UV free!

Nothing has ever kept my curls in quite as well as hot rollers do, so when I heard about T3’s new Luxe Volumizing Hot Rollers, I could barely contain my excitement! Their newly enhanced roller set is made to add volume and textured waves while keeping your hair shiny and looking healthy! The velvet flocking grips with no tangles and adds shine to your hair. It also comes with 8 clips and a chic travel case to house all of it in! Can you tell that I’m pretty stoked to get a chance to try it out? 😉


Flirt | $28.00

This awesome little gadget from Flirt called the Flashes Lash Applicator is like a stapler for your false lashes! I know, I know – it sounds crazy and I was a skeptic, too. It is super impressive, though! This new beauty tool dispenses individual lash buds and actually makes it so easy to apply onto your lash line. Now, I do consider myself a pro at falsies but I love that you can use this to add more lash buds to customize a set you’re already wearing and I also think it’s such a fun, easy to use tool for novices!

Wake up the next morning with puffy eyes or dark circles after a stressful day? I know I do! Bella Schneider Beauty’s Beauty Globes are like magical wands. I like running them under cold water or popping them into the fridge to make them nice and cool. You can roll them around your eyes and it immediately starts to calm down your puffy eyes and fade away dark circles. I also love to use them to give myself a lymphatic facial massage which helps with my allergies, sinus pressure and congestion as well as that groggy jet lag feeling!


Vera Mona | $14.00

This CAKE & BAKE™ Beauty Sponge is one of the newest sponge innovations on the market and it’s amazing for contour and baking! I love accentuate my cheekbones by using it to highlight under my cheek contour and the straight edges also make it ideal for a perfect nose contour! It can be used dry as is or wet for cream applications like foundation but I personally like using it for baking.

Have you tried any new, innovative products?

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