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Crateful, Southern California’s most popular organic meal delivery service, offered us a week trial recently to review their service and timing couldn’t be better! I scheduled the meal deliveries for the same week we brought our new puppy home, which was perfect because boy, were we in over our heads! If it weren’t for Crateful, I’m pretty sure neither of us would have remembered to eat meals regularly while we were chasing this pup around that week!

Unlike most other meal delivery services, Crateful delivers chef-prepared gourmet meals with locally-sourced, organic ingredients. These dishes are fully cooked and ready to eat! They’ve combined artfully prepared food, using state of the art techniques with a fast and convenient delivery service.

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You can select from a variety of different menus, portion sizes and dietary restrictions like gluten, dairy or soy-free, vegetarian, paleo and vegan. We’ve been eating a quasi-vegetarian diet for a few months now, so I selected their Mindful menu with vegetarian dishes. Meals are delivered while you’re asleep, between 10pm-6am so that when you get up in the morning, your meals for the day are right outside your door! The food is delivered in professional insulated bags with ice packs inside to ensure the freshness of the products for up to 24hrs. We really appreciated that the zippers were zip-tied to prevent any tampering. You just leave the bags outside your door at the end of the night, to be picked up and replaced with your next meal the following morning!

Overall the food quality was quite impressive! Dishes were thoughtfully prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients. I do wish we had a little more control over what exactly was going to be delivered because there were some days where we weren’t crazy about the menu items (vegetarian dishes can be tricky to come up with but having thick cheese-heavy dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner was a bit much) but thankfully that only happened one of the days and I do appreciate that there weren’t any meal repetitions! Having the ease of dishes already prepared, with wholesome recipes using luxury ingredients, was our saving grace during an overwhelming, hectic week. Crateful is perfect for busy-bees like us who enjoy a higher quality, luxury approach to meal preparation. It would also be perfect during stressful life moments like moving to a new home, wedding planning, maternity/paternity leave or pawternity with a new puppy (like us!) when nutrition may not be high on the priority list!

Crateful was so convenient that we’re already curious about trying their other menu options like Powerful, the ultimate workout menu with protein filled meals, or Graceful, which is designed with your fitness goals in mind to keep you light on your toes and enhance your metabolism! The awesome team at Crateful is also extending a special deal for my readers: 20% off your first order with promo code hautepinkpretty !

Photos by yours truly.

Have you tried a meal delivery service? Which is your favorite?

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