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Closet Update: the dolls have taken over! 😍

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I have a newfound love for dolls (after being reunited with my childhood American Girl doll), and started collecting them recently, but I’ve been holding back on quite how much things have… escalated quickly!! They’ve been honestly bringing me so much joy lately – dare I say it, as much as shoes and handbags have! So, I thought I would share how I’ve been dressing up my dolls and displaying them in my shoe and bag closet! 🥰

Top Row: American Girl Truly Me #84 Doll similar wearing the American Girl x NFL Los Angeles Chargers Fan Outfit & Accessories with the Riddell NFL Los Angeles Chargers Mini Football Helmet, Isabel Hoffman Doll wearing the American Girl Today Tee for 18-inch Dolls with Courtney’s meet skirt and Belt Bag & Watch, Nicki Hoffman Doll wearing her Skateboarding Outfit, my childhood Girl of Today #4 Doll from 1995 wearing Courtney’s Fitness Outfit, Courtney Moore Doll wearing her Cardigan with her Splatter Print Dress, Truly Me #86 Doll wearing Nanea’s Holoku Dress Middle Row: Molly McIntire Doll wearing her Beforever outfit, Claudie Wells Doll wearing her Travel Outfit, Samantha Parkington Doll wearing her Bathing Costume, Addy Walker Doll wearing her winter coat, Josefina Montoya Doll wearing her meet outfit and accessories, Kaya (Kaya’aton’my) Doll wearing her Trading Outfit Bottom Row: 2024 Girl of the Year Lila Monetti Doll wearing her Gymnastics Practice Outfit, 2023 Girl of the Year Kavi Sharma Doll wearing Fun in the City Travel Outfit, 2022 Girl of the Year Corinne Tan Doll wearing her Casual Outfit, 2011 Girl of the Year Kanani Akina Doll wearing her Party Outfit, Evette Peeters Doll wearing the World Traveler in France & French Souvenir Set, Maritza Ochoa Doll wearing the American Girl of Today School Jumper from 1996, Makena Williams Doll wearing Melody’s School Outfit

Rainbow High’s Ayesha Sterling wearing Luna Madison’s outfit, Meline Luxe wearing Amaya Raine’s outfit, and Olivia Woods wearing Vanessa Tempo’s outfit

American Girl’s 2023 Shimmering Silver Holiday Collector Doll, 2021 Winter Princess Collector Doll, and FAO Schwarz 2023 Toy Soldier Collector Doll

Red Ruby Fashion Friends Limited Edition Pinky, Sweet Hearts Kayla, and F.A.O. Toy Soldier Sara Doll | Barbie Movie Perfect Day Margot Robbie, 1991 Pretty Hearts Barbie, and 2011 FAO Toy Soldier Barbie

American Girl Disney Princess Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Belle Collector Dolls | New Balance 574 Disney Minnie Red & White

Rainbow High Lila Yamamoto

Barbie Movie President Barbie, Margo Robbie Barbie in Plaid, Margo Robbie Jumpsuit Barbie, and Pastel Stripe Ken

Monster High Frankie Stein Doll  wearing Rainbow High clothes

Rainbow High Kim Nguyen Doll wearing Nicole Steele’s outfit

Monster High Collection, Rainbow High Collection, Barbie Movie Corvette with National Geographic Barbie inside wearing Rainbow High outfit

Rainbow High Doll Collection posing around the Rainbow High car.

Photos by yours truly.

Have you been collecting anything new for nostalgia lately?

An Dyer

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UPDATE: I created an instagram account just for my doll photos! Follow me @DollCoveter for exclusively doll content 😀

Toy Soldier is wearing Mary Ellen’s Poodle Skirt Outfit, Winter Princess is wearing Isabel Hoffman’s meet, Belle is wearing Melody’s School Outfit, Rapunzel is wearing the Paris World Traveler Outfit, Jasmine is wearing Nicki’s meet outfit, and Shimmering Silver is wearing Corinne’s Casual Outfit.

Kanani is wearing the 2021 Winter Princess outfit, #86 is wearing Rapunzel’s outfit, Corinne is wearing Jasmine’s outfit, Josefina wearing Belle’s outfit, Claudie wearing Shimmering Silver’s outfit, and Samantha wearing the F.A.O. Toy Soldier’s outfit!

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