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Just Kidding

I haven’t gotten dressed up to actually go anywhere, but if I were to, this is what I would wear! 😛

Personally, we’ve taken stay at home orders, and social distancing very seriously, so we’ve limited any contact with other people to the bare minimum and certainly haven’t left the home without a mask on since March. Unfortunately, I know people who have lost loved ones to Covid-19, and too many others who have contracted it. Friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and colleagues; I think a lot of folks avoid sharing these things since there’s such a stigma around it, but it’s quite shocking hearing how many people you are connected to who are affected, once you start to ask around… While some are asymptomatic, many are still feeling the effects of this virus months later. There’s nothing quite like knowing someone in their early thirties will need an oxygen tank for the rest of their lives. So sure, it may be survivable for most people, but is survivable worth the risk?

Did you notice that my bracelet literally says JUST KIDDING on it? 😉

Photos by Chris Dyer.

Have you been wearing masks and taking it seriously, or throwing caution to the wind?

An Dyer

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