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Chris’ Birthday

Majorelle Phoenix Mini Dress from Revolve | LAGOS Five Station X Caviar Bracelet | Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Pouchette Accessoires | Sif Jakobs Follina Grande Ring | Hermes Amulettes H Confettis Necklace, Chaine d’ancre Enchainee Ring, Croisette Large Model Ring, Chaine d’ancre Enchainee Bracelet, and Farandole 120 Necklace worn as a belt | Marc Fisher Sandals

Last weekend, we celebrated my husband’s 41st birthday! We originally had reservations at Kusaki, a hot new vegan omakase restaurant, but parking was unfortunately impossible when we got there, and being dressed how I was, looking for a spot further away probably wouldn’t have been the best idea for my own personal comfortability, which I always appreciate Chris being so receptive and considerate of. Being the amazing guy that he is, he didn’t let the change of plans bother him and made a quick detour to our favorite nearby restaurant instead, Planta!

Inspired by the dress I wore to Chris’ birthday when we first started dating, pictured below, I wore this Majorelle Phoenix Mini Dress that Revolve sent me years ago, before the pandemic. It’s unfortunately sold out now, but Revolve does have an option to be notified and possibly even request a special order here! I styled it with my favorite jewelry pieces that Chris has spoiled me with over the years, along with the very first gift he ever surprised me with, this Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Accessoires Pouchette! I shared the romantic story about that surprise at the very end of this old 2016 valentine’s post here. This bag and that memorable story still make my heart skip a beat; I’m so grateful and insanely lucky that Chris still goes out of his way to make me feel so loved and adored 18 years later! 🥰

By the way, can you believe we’ve spent eighteen of these together?! 🥹 I shared this already on Instagram but, Chris and I first met and started dating between our birthdays, my 21st and his 23rd. 🥰❤️ Eighteen years of feeling so wholeheartedly loved and supported by the smartest, funniest, most patient and generous life partner I could have ever asked for. Eighteen years of pinching myself to make sure this incredible life of ours is real!! I love him so much, and I’m so grateful for every second of every single day with this amazing man!

That particular birthday was not only special because it was during the timeframe we started dating, but it was also then what people now would call on social media, our “hard launch” 😋. I definitely had these photos all over my Myspace back then hahah!!

Did you notice his outfit unintentionally coordinated, too? He’s wearing an Alo Yoga henley that was also from Revolve! Oh, and for context since I know it stands out in that old photo lol, “CLIMAXSD” was the club promoter at the time hosting the event that Chris’ had his birthday at that night, at Ole Madrid. 😁

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