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Summer Travel Style with Victorinox

I recently had to toss out my old check-in luggage, after putting it through quite the beating over the past 8+ years! When looking for a new check-in, I knew I wanted a hard case to protect my belongings, and it needed to be a spinner that’s lightweight to make it easier for me to travel with. When I first saw Victorinox’ Etherius Collection, I was in love! The Rose Gold colorway immediately caught my eye – what is there not to love about a pearly pink finish?! I was smitten! The metallic shades the collection comes in are just gorgeous; I really love that the rose gold has a pearly matte effect to it, which really elevates the overall look. Victorinox is also synonymous with quality and durability so not only is this check-in gorgeous, but it will also stand the test of traveling with a blogger 😉

What characteristics do you look for in luggage?

Photos by Nikki Lazaro.

Special thanks to Victorinox for sending me this gorgeous Rose Gold Etherius suitcase!

An Dyer

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