Shoes can change your life… ask Cinderella!

An Dyer's Shoe Closet

This cute sign was from our wedding - it was displayed alongside my three pairs of wedding shoes

My husband recently (by recently, I mean two months ago lol) built me this amazing shoe display. It’s my favorite thing to wake up to, only second to him of course. It took me an entire day to arrange the shoes the way I like that’s both aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t large enough to house all of my shoes – just about half of them, actually, lol! Luckily for me, though, 😉 he’s going to make me a second one that will hopefully fit the rest of my ever so quickly growing collection. Above the closet, I stacked some old Louis Vuitton boxes, cute Juicy Couture heart-shaped hat boxes and the Cinderella sign I made as a prop for our wedding last year. I decided to arrange them by displaying my high-end designer shoes on top along with some of my colorful shoes, nudes and neutrals in the middle, then, blacks and darks on the bottom. When the second one is ready, this will all probably get completely rearrange again xP

An Dyer's Shoes

Inside An Dyer's Shoe Closet - High End Designer Shoe On Top

High-end designer shoes on top including Christian Louboutins, Stuart Weitzmans, Vivienne Westwood, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choos, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs etc.

Nudes and neutrals in the middle since I tend to wear those the most

Inside An Dyer's Shoe Closet Dark Shoes

Black and other dark colored shoes towards the bottom


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  1. Very, Very nice!!!! I am drooling over your shoe collection. I have been trying to think of a new way to store mine. They are currently in the box they came in or spare boxes for old shoes I’ve gotten rid of. But I feel like I forget about shoes like this LOL!

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    7eventh Letter

  2. Is there such a thing as an eye orgasm?! Because I think something to that effect just happened to me. You are TOTALLY BLESSED to have such an incredibly thoughtful & amazing husband! <3 I am in love with this stylish shoe display and ALL of your shoes. BEAUTIFULLLLLL!

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