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Faux Peonies Arrangement

I put together this super easy arrangement of faux peonies and always get compliments on it whenever guests come over! Since it was so easy, and quick, I wanted to share how I made it so that you can make one, too! Now, I know the first reaction I usually get is, why not use real flowers? Well, I’m terrible with maintaining plants and unfortunately, we don’t all have green thumbs. If you’re like me, then this tutorial is for you 😉 and if you prefer real flowers then by all means, please substitute them for some fresh cut flowers from your own garden or local florist and add water! Here’s what you’ll need and how:

  1. Vase – When I worked in an office setting, Chris used to send me flowers all the time, and I would always keep the vases. This cylinder shaped one is a favorite! I love how modern and simple it is.
  2. Decorative Rocks and Pebbles – You can find these at an arts & crafts store, or pet stores near the aquarium departments. Place a couple layers of stones at the bottom of your vase, filling it up at least halfway for a balanced look.
  3. Faux Flowers – I used 2 sets of these peonies, in the shade Spring Light Pink, for my arrangement. I trimmed off all of the leaves, leaving only the flower heads. I think this is the big difference between a faux flower arrangement that looks obviously fake and one that surprises people. The fake looking ones have a lot of greenery and it’s really obvious when the leaves are fake 😉
  4. Floral Tape – I used clear floral tape and created a # grid pattern across the opening. Then, I filled each open square with a trimmed flower stem until I filled the entire opening of the vase. I made the stems towards the center longer so they’d be taller and create a rounder bouquet, and made sure they were in between the rocks to stay in place.

That’s it! Easy peasy, right? The key is trimming all the greens off of the flowers and having something like pebbles and rocks, or a banana leaf wrapped inside the vase to hide the stems. It’s such an easy way to decorate and makes for a really pretty photo prop 😉 be sure to let me know in the comments below or send me a photo if you happen to make one!

An Dyer

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  • Reply Amy Huynh

    I love these faux peonies! I was on Amazon trying to decide which colors to get =)


    September 12, 2017 at 7:56 pm
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