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Why we Use a Dog Stroller

Lifestyle Fashion Blogger An Dyer with Diesel French Bulldog Luxury Pet Dog Stroller in Beverly Hills

I knew I wanted a dog stroller, but I also knew I wanted a travel carrier, a backpack carrier and about every single dog related product out there! I’ve been guilty of buying so many dog accessories and honestly, most of them have been left unused in our storage unit. They all seemed so clever and useful, but ended up not being realistic or functional once we tried them in real life. So, when I first sought out a stroller, I purchased a really inexpensive one on Amazon first. I wanted to make sure it was an accessory we’d actually use, not to mention, I was worried my husband Chris wouldn’t actually want to use it. I mean a dog stroller, really? Well, REALLY! The cheap stroller we bought ended up being used all the time! Unfortunately, it quickly started falling apart (Diesel almost fell out once!) because it wasn’t made well to begin with. It was cheap but it was great for testing out the waters. Once we knew that we’d use it so frequently, we decided to search for a high quality, functional stroller. That’s when I found the Monarch Premium Pet Jogger Dog Stroller by Ibiyaya! It’s so comfortable to push, with a paddle handlebar and it has two drink holders which our previous one did not! The zippers are stronger, fabric is well made, and the anodized aluminium frame is scratch-resistant. It can carry up to 60 lbs. and there’s plenty of room inside – we could easily fit 2 French Bulldogs inside 😉 if we wanted to. Not to mention, the black and gold design is so chic in person!

Now, I know many reactions will be, “Let your dog walk! They need exercise! It’s not a baby! blah blah blah!” Well, just because I have a car, does not mean I don’t walk to the local market – and just because I have a collection of high heels, doesn’t mean I wear high heels to the gym. See, we play fetch and take Diesel on long walks regularly, he loves stopping to sniff the flowers and do his business in the grass. He gets plenty of exercise at home and outdoors. He’s also super curious and nosy. He stops to smell everything and everyone and it’s not always welcomed or expected. He’s had a few close calls, almost getting stepped on, tripped over and a couple aggressive-dog scares. So, when we’re traveling, running errands or visiting high traffic areas, we prefer to use a dog stroller. Even if an establishment is dog friendly (like Nordstroms, Home Goods or shopping centers like The Grove) using a dog stroller helps us control the situation and keeps cleanliness into consideration. Diesel won’t stop to sniff and possibly get too excited and jump on someone. He’s less likely to get stepped on (or driven over) by someone not looking. He won’t accidentally urinate or defecate where he isn’t supposed to. It’s convenient, cleaner and safer for everyone! It also helps us get things done quicker, so we can get to the park and play 😉 So, just because we use a dog stroller, doesn’t mean we always only use it nor that our dog doesn’t get to walk or exercise. It just depends on the situation!

An Dyer with Diesel French Bulldog Ibibaya Luxury Pet Dog Stroller in Beverly Hills

An Dyer wearing Louis Vuitton Belt Bag Fanny Pack with Diesel French Bulldog Ibibaya Luxury Pet Dog Stroller in Beverly Hills

An Dyer with Diesel Frenchie Bulldog using Ibibaya Luxury Pet Dog Stroller in Beverly Hills

An Dyer with Diesel Frenchie Bulldog using Ibibaya Luxury Pet Dog Stroller in Beverly Hills

Photos by Chris Dyer.

Are you a dog stroller person, too?

An Dyer

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  • Reply Stephanie

    Cute dog. Although I am not a dog stroller kind of person. But hey you do you and if you like using one go for it!

    June 12, 2018 at 7:25 pm
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