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Gifts For Her: Braun FaceSpa


After falling in love with their other devices, I collaborated with Braun to explore more of their range and realized they’d make a fabulous option for holiday gift ideas this season!  I especially love the Braun FaceSpa because it’s the world’s first facial epilator & cleansing brush system. Epilators are traditionally used for body hair as facial hair is too fine for them to pick up. Well, what better brand could make the first ever epilator for your face than the best epilator brand out there, Braun! They are the best in the business 😉 read all about Braun’s skin care tips here! The precise facial epilation on Braun’s FaceSpa removes hairs from the root, 4x shorter than wax can catch, so your hair-free skin can last up to 4 weeks! There’s an awesome deal on Amazon for it right now, too!

As I’ve mentioned in my last epilator story, the pain factor is very subjective. For reference, I find waxing and tweezing to be tolerable while threading is the bane of my existence, and something I find incredibly painful. For a while, I was waxing my facial hair (upper lip area and brows) however my schedule became increasingly busy and I had less time to dedicate to visiting the salon. I found myself doing my own hair, manis & pedis and facial hair removal at home and usually while in a rush! I tried tweezing but that would take so long and it was hard not to wince with each pluck! Then, I finally resorted to shaving – *gasp* yes, I was shaving my mustache. Although I didn’t find that my hairs grew in much thicker, they certainly weren’t as fine as they were before shaving and I have heard some horror stories so that was a very big risk to begin with. Using the Braun FaceSpa to epilate my facial hair for the first time was breeze! I found it to be absolutely tolerable, I could barely feel it remove hair on my upper lip until I got closer to the center cupid’s bow area, where it was a little more sensitive. I also did find it tender in the area right under my nose – that made my eyes water a bit. I could not feel it remove hairs around my brows at all, though, no pain whatsoever! Just make sure to take care around your actual eyebrow, I only used it to clean up between the brows and a little near the temples – you don’t want to get too close to your actual eyebrows as the device isn’t made to shape them but to groom the fine hairs like the unibrow area! You’ll still want to shape your brows manually. Also take extra care near the hairline as the epilator is very effective 😉 . I’m addicted to how quick and easy it is! In just a few minutes, you can groom your entire face and be ready to go! It has a beautiful rose gold cap for when it’s not in use so you can even keep it in your bag and use it while out and about – running out the door or on the train/in the car on your way to work (of course I don’t recommend you epilate and drive, but as a passenger it’s easy peasy!)

It’s also so incredibly convenient that the kit comes with multiple cleansing brush options that work 6x better than manual cleansing. This kit includes everything you need for your at-home skincare routine; facial hair removal, cleansing, exfoliating and buffing skincare products into your skin. You can have a DIY facial on a regular basis! With hundreds of micro-oscillations, the FaceSpa brushes gently cleanses, exfoliates and refines your skin. To top it off, there’s also a Beauty Sponge attachment to apply your skincare products like serums and moisturizers to really help work them in. Think of it like polishing wax on your car, after a car wash – it’s that extra step that can take your skincare to the next level!


Everything comes nicely packaged in an easy to gift wrap box!


The Braun FaceSpa 851 pack includes the epilator head & rose gold cap, white normal cleansing brush, pink extra sensitive brush, blue exfoliation brush, flat beauty sponge as well as a little brush to clean the epilator, a beautiful pouch to store everything in and batteries so you can use it right out of the box!


The slim design is so easy to maneuver!


The epilator head easily removes with just a light tug upwards (same as how you would remove the cap) and you just have to pop the brush head in to use it as a cleansing brush after you epilate.


The brushes themselves can be easily swapped around by just pressing the button on the back of the brush head. I changed it to the blue exfoliating brush here!


Photos by Chris Dyer.

At a reasonable price point (you can Amazon Prime it for $80!) it makes such a great gift idea for a friend or for yourself 😉 . I can see myself getting this for my Mom, sister in-laws and girl friends this holiday season!

Are you adding the Braun FaceSpa to your holiday shopping list?

An Dyer

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