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Glow Sweet Glow

Hum Nutrition Vegan Vitamin Gummies Glow Sweet Glow

I’ve been taking various forms of beauty related supplements for years now; biotin, prenatal vitamins, collagen pills or yummy gummies, I was all over them! Recently, the magical supplement I swore by, updated their product label and it revealed that one of their proprietary ingredients is “chicken sternal cartilage extract” – yikes. Though I am not vegan, I have been making a conscious effort to consume a more plant-based diet. So, I was pretty sad to read this on their label and had to restart my search for an amazing skincare supplement with hyaluronic acid.

Hum Nutrition must have been reading my mind, because just a couple weeks later, I received a PR package for the launch of their newest addition to the HUM vegan-gummy family – GLOW SWEET GLOW! This vegan gummy for skin hydration contains low molecular hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin keep moisture locked in, while also stimulating collagen production! It’s also packed with protective antioxidants vitamin E and C to help protect the skin from damage! Most importantly (okay, not important but still relevant) it tastes like a creamsicle 50-50 bar! 🙂 Yummy!! I literally have to stop myself from eating more than the serving size (2 gummies a day!)

Do you take any beauty supplements?

An Dyer

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