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Smorgasburg LA: Color Correcting for ALLERGY FACE®

This post was sponsored by ZYRTEC®.

We’re more than halfway through Spring, and ZYRTEC® has been there every day to help me alleviate allergy symptoms all along the way. ZYRTEC® coined the term ALLERGY FACE® to describe the beauty challenges associated with allergies – watery eyes, red nose and puffiness. I’m thrilled to partner with ZYRTEC® to help women combat ALLERGY FACE® so they can both feel and look their best when allergies hit!

Today, we’re at Smorgasburg LA, checking out all the amazing food and craft vendors. When I’m at outdoor events like these, my eyes get watery and itchy, and my nose starts running! I usually end up with redness from blowing my nose so much; the dreaded #ALLERGYFACE. One of my favorite beauty tips to hide these beauty challenges is to color correct. If you’re new to color correcting, follow along below for my tips!

I use creamy, color correcting concealers in the shades purple, salmon/peach, and green. Purple brightens up dullness that’s often a result of dry skin, salmon or peach cancel out dark areas like under-eye circles, and green cancels out redness that often plagues our noses from sniffling.

Focusing the products on the areas that are most affected, I apply my peachy salmon concealers under my eyes, starting at the inner corners. Since the center of my face gets red from allergies, I like to liberally apply the green concealer around the sides of my nose. Then, I use purple on my chin and forehead where my skin is often dehydrated and dull.

Using a sponge, brush or my fingers, I blend out the color, getting rid of any harsh lines and evening out areas with heavier product application. I like to make sure the colors are blended out nicely, fading into my skin.

Then, I apply a full-coverage foundation, all over my face. I prefer to use a wet sponge to apply it, by bouncing and pressing the foundation into my skin. This way, it won’t move the color correcting I’ve already applied. I don’t want my foundation to mix in with the color correcting, but rather sit on top of the color correcting. Once I have an even foundation application, I apply concealer as needed, and set with a translucent powder to help set and keep it lasting. Finally, I finish off my look with bronzer, blush and highlight!

Voila! You can’t even tell that I have ALLERGY FACE®!

Photos by Chris Dyer.

Do you use color-correcting techniques to alleviate your ALLERGY FACE®?

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