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Farm Rio Musette Wrap Maxi Dress | Hermes Birkin 25 Jaune Ambre Togo PHW, Amulettes H Confettis Pendant Necklace, Chaine d’ancre Enchainee Bracelet, and Apple Watch with Bleu Indigo Swift Double Tour Band | Gabriel & Co Gabriel Love Stronger Together Make-A-Wish Bangle | Steven Voomme Sandals

This weekend, we celebrated my 38th birthday! That number doesn’t even feel real 😂 the last age that actually registered in my mind was 34… it’s as if my brain just stopped counting the numbers after that lol! I’ve literally had to do the math with my birth year the last few times someone has asked me how old I am. While part of me wanted to curl up, hide, and pretend this birthday wasn’t happening, the other part of me also felt so excited and proud to be this age! I know childhood me would be so happy to see how my life would turn out, with all the incredible experiences I’ve had, and everything I’ve accomplished so far.

We took these photos before my birthday, but now I wish I’d waited because my birthday bling would have looked perfect with this outfit! I know it sounds silly to say I didn’t expect Chris to get me anything, but after splurging on this bag last Christmas and making our dream kitchen happen, I really thought all my gifts were covered for the next few years at least. We even joked about it every time a contractor invoice would come in, there goes next year’s christmas gift! 😋 That ring is also extra special because I’d wanted it for so long, but couldn’t find my size available anywhere until just a few days before (we literally received it on my birthday) totally meant to be!

We went out for brunch this weekend at a popular restaurant I’ve been wanting to try, but I’ll share that in a separate post since I’m so long overdue for a foodie post on here.

Photos by Chris Dyer.

Thanks so much for stopping by and celebrating this birthday with me!

An Dyer

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