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    DIY Makeup Brush Display

    An Dyer DIY MakeUp Brush Display

    This was just a random DIY inspired by Sephora stores.

    My husband has surprised me with flowers so many times over the years, I can hardly count. I would say it was at least every other month… if not every month. While moving, I had to get rid of many, many vases… most of which we donated. When it came to this vase, my husband was actually the one to tell me to keep it. He mentioned that we could use it for decor – candles maybe. With that idea, Sephora makeup tools and brush displays came to mind and I instantly wanted to head over to Michael’s. I picked up 9 bags of their glass beads (on sale for only $1 each bag!) and threw it all together 🙂 tahdah! Easy, aesthetically appealing and functional!

    What you’ll need:

    • 1 Vase – preferably one with a large opening like this one (8x8x8 square vase)
    • Glass Beads – lots of them in any color you’d like, preferably smaller in size (9 bags filled up half a plastic grocery store bag and I thought I bought too many… clearly I didn’t… I probably could have fit 2 more bags..)
    • Makeup Brushes!

     What to do:

    Carefully fill up your vase with your beads. I mean it when I say do it carefully – those little guys bounce all over the place! When you have your vase at lease 75% full or enough to cover up half of your brush handle, start putting your brushes in! Have fun arranging them however you’d like 😀


    PS – I’m sure I’m not the first to post this tutorial but… oh well, it was fun 😉

    What To Wear

    H&M Blush Perforated Biker Jacket

    So, I know I disappeared for a little while and gave a brief explanation to it saying I’d be back the following month… Well, it’s June 9th and I’m nine days overdue for my June post. Bad blogger, bad. Sorry all! If it makes you feel any better, we still have yet to finish unpacking. We’re maybe… 50% done? Yeah, a LOT of stuff… Anyway, I managed to steal the computer away from the hubby to do a post 🙂 Are these Vegas pictures? No. Are these birthday pictures? No. That is how behind I am. I thought I’d login and do those posts only to realize I’m about a week or so behind on even those! Tsk tsk.

    An Dyer in H&M Blush Perforation Leather Biker Jacket, American Basics Burnout Tank, Forever21 Angel Wing Necklace and Bow Ring, Lara's Closet Moto Jeggings, Louis Vuitton Ribera Mm, Steve Madden Taupe Raven Boots

    An Dyer in H&M Blush Perforated Leather Biker Jacket | American Basics Burnout Tank | Forever21 Angel Wing Necklace and Bow Ring | Lara's Closet Moto Jeggings | Louis Vuitton Ribera Mm | Steve Madden Taupe Raven Boots

    A few weeks ago… okay, a month or two ago… we went on a little date to one of our favorite San Diego date locations – Balboa Park. It was actually one of our date spots early on at the beginning of our relationship. We’ve been here countless times yet each time there is always something new to explore 🙂 whether it’s a new museum exhibit, street performer or renovation – there is always something new and fun to see.

    H&M Blush Perforated Leather Biker Jacket, American Basics Burnout Tank, Forever21 Angel Wing Necklace and Bow Ring

    Forever21 Bow Ring, Lara's Closet Moto Jeggings, Steve Madden Taupe Raven

    An Dyer in H&M Blush Perforated Leather Biker Jacket, American Basics Burnout Tank, Forever21 Angel Wing Necklace, Hair Feather

    Lara's Closet Moto Jeggings, Steve Madden Taupe Raven

    Forever21 Bow Ring

    …and then we finished off our date with cocktails and yummy food from another favorite – Suite & Tender at the Se Hotel (also the locale of our bridal suite!)


    What To Wear

    Excuses, excuses, excuses…

    First off, I was shocked when I logged in today to see that my number of visitors has stayed consistent – thank you all for still being interested and visiting and I apologize for not updating or posting in so long. You all deserve an explanation…

    Life is hectic – as it always is and always has been. This is a little different though…. see, we’re moving. A career opportunity for advancement presented itself and my husband and I decided it’s the right place at the right time. We’re newlyweds, in our mid twenties, and a couple of years away from expanding our family. We’ve grown up here and although we’ve traveled near and far, it was always something that we wanted to do and now is the time to do it.

    Photo by Howell Michael via AllPosters.com

    We’re moving to The City. Well, the big, bad, west coast “city” that is 🙂 … I love saying that because it sounds like we’re from a small town when we’re really not. In actuality – we’re moving from California’s second largest city to its number one largest. San Diego → Los Angeles. Although they’re both big, boy are they different… we’re looking forward to the good and the bad. We’ve both frequently visited (a couple of times a month?) but living there will be new and is definitely exciting.

    So, with the combination of future home hunting, planning, packing and moving – I’m sorry May hasn’t been an active blogging month but I promise come June, I’ll be back at it with lots of fun posts (including our trip to Vegas a few weeks back and pics from my Birthday a couple of weeks ago ;)).

    Bear with me!! Xox,

    What To Wear

    ShoeDazzle Privy

    Happy Easter, all!! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!

    I apologize for disappearing last week, I was in Vegas for 5 days and life’s been hectic ever since.

    H&M Floral Dress | Forever 21 Bow Ring | Michael Kors Blush Hobo & Watch | ShoeDazzle Privy Peeptoe Platforms

    H&M Floral Dress | Forever 21 Bow Ring | Michael Kors Blush Hobo & Watch | ShoeDazzle Privy Peeptoe Platforms

    This is out of character for me – posting outfit photos so soon after wearing it. I’m usually a few weeks behind; aren’t you proud of me? I actually have about two weeks worth of photos including from Vegas that should have been posted prior to this one but since it was a holiday 🙂 I didn’t want to wait.

    I got this adorable dress at the H&M in Cesar’s Forum Shoppes. It’s by far the biggest and best H&M I’ve ever been to. 3 stories of H&M goodies, oh my! The shoes? ShoeDazzle. I was so impressed when I received them in the mail. These photos do not do them justice. They’re beautiful, the cut is so sexy, they fit perfectly and are such a fun mix of muted nude with a pop of neon, highlighter yellow! I will definitely be wearing the heck out of these this spring and summer. Plus they were only forty dollars including shipping!! I <3 ShoeDazzle 😀

    ShoeDazzle Privy

    H&M Floral Dress | Forever 21 Bow Ring | Michael Kors Blush Hobo & Watch | ShoeDazzle Privy Peeptoe Platforms

    An Dyer wearing ShoeDazzle Privy

    An Dyer in H&M Floral Dress, Forever 21 Ring, Michael Kors Blush Hobo

    An Dyer's ShoeDazzle Privy



    Urban Decay Naked

    Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Score, Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Peroxide, Urban Decay Lipstick in LoveChild

    Remember this shopping trip? I didn’t really mention what I bought but part of my purchases… I loaded up on some Urban Decay goodies including their cream blush, lipstick, gloss and shadow palette. unfortunately, the cream blush (aka Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint) didn’t work for me. I tried applying it with a brush, sponge and my fingers but it didn’t seem to glide on at all. It did however glide OFF my foundation – no bueno. I personally think it would be great for those (lucky few) who don’t wear foundation. The lipstick was good but the lipgloss (aka Lip Junkie in Peroxide) was amazing. I love how it tingles your lips, but doesn’t burn like Lip Venom, and makes them look so plump and luscious.

    An Dyer Wearing Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Peroxide and Urban Decay Lipstick in LoveChild

    Luscious, right? Maybe? 😉

    I’ve also been in LOVE with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. I’ve literally worn some kind of combination of it every day since I laid my little hands on it. It’s seriously perfect.

    Urban Decay Naked Palette

    Urban Decay Naked Palette

    I had a photo of my eye makeup to post but I’m not so crazy about it now… so I’ll spare you all 🙂 just know that in every post after this one, there’s a 90% chance I’m wearing shadow from this palette lol